Skylook 1.5

Control Skype functions through Outlook

This innovative utility allows you to integrate Skype with Outlook, meaning that you can quickly call, text or email any of your Outlook contacts from within Skype. Skylook boasts a number of impressive tools designed to help take your communication to the next level.

Features include:

Use Skylook 1.0 to record Skype VoIP Calls to MP3

Record your Skype VoIP Calls (both inbound and outbound) directly into Outlook items as MP3 attachments. Skylook 1.0 will archive all you Skype calls neatly in Outlook, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Archive your Skype IM Chats into Outlook

With Skylook 1.0 you can automatically record your Skype IM Chats straight into Outlook as mailbox items. This means that you can access any of the conversations you've had at any time directly through your email client.

Manage your Skype VoIP calls and Skype IM chats

Skylook 1.0 organizes all of your Skype calls, Skype text chats together with email and appointments effectively. Again, this can prove to be a real time saver, giving you more time to chat and less time trying to get organized.

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Skylook 1.5

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